Capture the Moment, Elevate Your BranD

Magic images specialises in brand activation and creating unique digital experiences, redefining fun with technology throughout the United Kingdom. Our extensive range of photo experiences is designed to enhance and promote your business, whether you need a permanent installation week long or a one-day activation. Reach out to us, and let’s explore how we can elevate your brand together


Activations That Leave a Mark

Thinking creatively for Randox Health, using our digital booth to create an exciting experience inside a snow globe. The booth is fully branded with their unique identity, ensuring a memorable and engaging interaction.

Selife mirror

Brand it up!

Branding is super important to us. We can customise every part of the photo booth to match your brand colours. This includes the booth’s exterior, the backdrop, photo templates, welcome screen, and even props if you need them. We handle all of this in-house, so everything looks perfect and consistent with your brand.

Data Capture

Numbers matter. Track views, engagement, impressions, likes, shares of every post and picture uploaded from your booth.


Powerful software featuring video effects, green screen capabilities, and AI integration

Custom Surveys

We create personalised surveys tailored to your specific questions and needs


Competitions add an element of fun to the experience, with each photo taken providing an opportunity to win a prize.


With limitless remarketing opportunities, customer data is captured at the source as they post their images. Fully GDPR compliant, your business will be perfectly positioned to receive a significant boost. Promote your brand and stand out in the market


Set up your own custom data fields to control what additional information you collect.


Track event analytics, all social media engagements and enable fully GDPR compliant data capture. 


Brand every aspect of your photo booth UI, including emails, SMS messages,


We specialise in designing bespoke branding and social experiences tailored specifically for your event. Our services include creating uniquely branded photo templates that reflect the theme and essence of your occasion. Alongside this, we develop a personalised microsite, serving as the landing platform for all digital images captured during the event.

Your Event, Your Brand, Our Photo experiences

View the videos below to see how our brandable photo booths can make a significant impact at your event. These videos showcase the engaging experiences our photo booths provide, capturing unforgettable moments while seamlessly promoting your brand. Discover how our innovative technology can enhance guest interaction and leave a lasting impression, ensuring your event is memorable for all the right reasons.

Instant Fun, Endless Promotion

Wall mounted install photo booth

Wall mounted insatll booth

The Higher Ground of Selfies

Provide your customers with an unforgettable experience using the most advanced photo booth available today. Sit back and watch as your customers naturally promote your business and increase your brand awareness through their social media posts. Every photo they take can be shared instantly via text, email, or on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, effortlessly branding your business and garnering a significant, free social media following while providing valuable data on each interaction.

Our in-house design experts craft a new collection of engaging and distinctive image overlays each month to ensure your customers return frequently. Your promotions and offers will stay fresh, appealing, and timely with each booth personalised to your brand and designed to convey your specific messages. In essence, your customers and event guests become your most effective marketers

Creating The Perfect Experience

Wall-mounted photo booths enable your customers to capture stunning selfies, fun GIFs, exciting Boomerangs, and quirky videos, which they can share with friends through a vibrant branded experience. Ideal for both permanent installations and one-day events, our photo booths are a perfect addition to your business. We handle installation, maintenance, and provide a data analytics report for each activation