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What can you do to make your event special?

What can you do to make your event special?

Invite Magic Images Photo Booths of course!

It’s hard work organising an event – and how do you, the organiser, make sure it’s a memorable one and that everyone talks about it for weeks and months to come?

Prosecco’s always a winner, live music goes down great, plenty of room for dancing obviously – but what about that little extra something to keep your guests entertained and to make your event live on in their memories for a long time to come?

That’s where Magic Images Photo Booths come in. Our team of party planning experts will make sure you’re the talk of the town, for all the right reasons.

To help us bring the fun to your event, we have our famous Magic Mirror – aptly described as ‘the most kick ass selfie mirror in the world!’ Take a quick look round our Magic Mirror page to see why we’re confident you and your guests will quickly agree with this statement.

The amazing Magic Mirror will guide you through your very own photography photo shoot, includes the option to add animations and your signature plus some amazing beauty filters. Your signed photo shoot is printed off there and then for you to have a permanent memory of the event, plus you can send your photos to yourself by email too! We all know how popular selfies are: why not take it to the next level with the fantastic Magic Mirror?!

It’s almost impossible to have more fun at an event than the ‘mother of all selfie mirrors’ that is the Magic Mirror….but then, we haven’t discussed the Vintage Photo Booth yet! Imagine: a table of props, a photo booth that publishes immediately to all major social media platforms (so your guests can show the whole world exactly how much fun they’re having!) and a photo booth that turns your awesome series of photos into your very own animated GIF – now what more could you possibly ask for?!

Just take a look at our Vintage Photo Booths page to see for yourself how much fun our past guests have had, and how much fun you and your guests could soon be having!

Now hopefully we’ve given you a great idea for how you make your event live on in people’s memories forever. With unlimited photos printed out or published across social media platforms all evening, you’re going to create an event that truly lives forever. And as an event organiser, isn’t that what you really want to provide your guests?

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