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Corporate Events that stand out from the crowd

How to make your Corporate Event stand out from the crowd

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If your company is serious about putting on a successful event, you’ll need to take the time to really consider what’s going to best reflect your company’s aims and standards, whilst offering your guests the chance to really let their hair down and enjoy themselves. After all, you want everyone attending your event to have a pleasant and memorable experience.

To help you turn your ideas into a success story, we’ve highlighted 4 essential corporate event tips to make the planning stage far easier to handle. Although every event is different, they’re all going to follow a similar theme and we feel these tips will help you keep on track.


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If you want the energy level at your event to skyrocket, set the bar high with a grand entry. Pull off a welcome address which excites your guests. Throw a simple opening ceremony using fireworks and/or light shows. Remember, how the event starts sets the bar for the rest of the evening. Make it a night to remember by kicking off in style.




Location, location, location. There are a number of important points to consider when choosing a venue, but chief amongst them is: can your guests get to the venue easily? Are there good public transport links and / or plenty of car parking provided? Does the venue look and feel like the vision your company wants to create for this event, and does it reflect your company’s values overall.

Remember to check disabled access and the venue’s health and safety and fire policies too: your guests’ comfort and safety should be one of your top priorities here.

Luckily throughout Yorkshire and Lincolnshire we’re blessed with an abundance of great venues, so in reality you’re spoilt for choice here: use the tips above to help you narrow it down to find your perfect venue.



A great meal helps make it an event to remember. Decide whether you’re using the venue’s catering facilities o r bringing in your own team. Liaise with the venue to discuss your options and see what they can offer.

Offering Choices in the Menu: Remember nowadays you must offer Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free options to ensure you’re truly catering for all your guests. Decide whether you’re having a sit-down meal or a running buffet, and whether people are choosing on the night or ordering in advance to help you get organised.

Don’t forget to have a little fun with the menu, and get creative with the food and nibbles offered so that your guests can even have fun with their meal.


Careful Planning, keeping a checklist of everything that’s been done and still to be done, and ensuring you stay on top of your ‘to-do’ list are critical elements of event planning. At a corporate event, it’s vital you know who’s attending, who’s speaking, what the aims and objectives for the event are, and of course how your budget is doing!

One last point to consider: entertainment. Make your event stand out in the minds of your guests and all those who see the pictures of the event in future: Magic Images Photo Booths can turn an ordinary corporate event into the extraordinary! Your company and guests deserve the best, so get the amazing Magic Mirror or Vintage Photo Booth booked in to your event as one of the first jobs on that ‘to-do’ list!


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