At the beep.. Leave a message

How does the audio guest book work

When your guests answer the phone, they’ll be greeted by your pre-recorded message, which you’ll have provided before your wedding day. After hearing the message, they can leave their own heartfelt message after the beep. It’s as straightforward as that! Instead of a traditional written guest book, consider the charm and warmth of an audio guest book for a more personal and meaningful way for your guests to share their stories and well-wishes


Leave a Voice, Make a Memory!

"Capture Moments in Sound."

We hire the telephone audio guest book as an all day and night hire period. This will be setup before your guests arrive and collection the next morning. This allows you to capture a continuous stream of messages from your guests throughout the day and night. All the audio messages will be conveniently accessible through a downloadable gallery that you can easily share with your friends and family.


Stunning full size telephone box

All day and night hire £395

Secure your date £75

"Skip the telephone booth – just rent the phone!"

If the telephone booth isn’t what you’re looking for, we also provide the option to rent the phone separately. This offers a more cost-effective alternative compared to the full telephone booth, and it’s a space-saving choice. You can conveniently place the phone on a table at any location within the venue

how this works

We offer the audio guest book service throughout the entire United Kingdom. When you make your reservation, we’ll request your pre-recorded message. Your phone will be shipped to you three days prior to your event, and it comes with a provided power bank. All you need to do is plug it in, and you’re good to go. You can place the phone anywhere in the venue. After your event concludes, simply return it to us using the prepaid shipping labels. We will then download all the messages and send you a gallery link to listen to your messages.

Select the colour of your phone

We offer three colour choices for you to select from: white, green, and dusty pink

Send your pre recorded message

Create your greeting message and then forward it to us through email

We will post your phone

We’ll dispatch your phone three days prior to your event date.

Easy setup

On your event day, just connect the phone to the provided power pack, and you’re all set to start

Send the phone back to us

After your event date, simply post back to us using the pre postal label

Audio messages

Once we receive the phone back, we’ll promptly deliver all audio messages to you through a downloadable gallery the following day

"Recording Moments, Sharing Memories"

Audio guest book £175

Hire price include shipping and pre-paid return labels

Booking made easy

Booking your event has never been easier! With our convenient booking system, you can secure any date with a simple £75 deposit. This initial payment ensures that your preferred date is reserved exclusively for you

Once your deposit is made, the final balance for your event will be due 28 days before your event date. All bookings include a manage my booking portal. 

For added convenience, we also offer a downloadable APP. The APP streamlines the process of finding your booking details, making it a breeze to access all the necessary information on the go. No need to search through emails or documents; everything you need is just a tap away.

Check your date here!

go the extra mile

The perfect package

Achieve perfection for your entire wedding day or party with the ideal combination of a 5D flower wall backdrop, a state-of-the-art digital booth, and a memorable audio guest book.